Ticino Gourmet Tour

Ticino Gourmet Tour is an initiative by Sapori Ticino that involves 70 restaurants with the aim of promoting local products and the territory of Ticino through the concept of authenticity and uniqueness of its food and wine.



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What is Ticino Gourmet Tour? It is a virtuous path with customers, locals and tourists, to highlight Ticino's restaurants, territory and production of quality ingredients.

Le Relais Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Chef Boleso

Gastronomic experiences

Quality, territory and emotions: these are the main features of this initiative. Guided tours and gastronomic experiences can be part of your trip, you just have to choose! 

4 regions to taste

Each region has its own flavor. All the restaurants in this initiative are united by a love of detail and the products that the region and the season have to offer. From starred restaurants to local osterias, from terraces overlooking the lake to restaurants in historic centers, Ticino Gourmet Tour is ready to take you on a journey of flavors to be discovered.

A visit full of languor

Commitment and joy come together when it comes to processing a local product. Straight from Ticino farms and agriculture to the most ambitious kitchens, traditional and unique flavours that never lie.