Image 0 - Polenta - The recipe
Image 1 - Polenta - The recipe
Image 2 - Polenta - The recipe

Polenta - The recipe

Ingredients for 6 people

2 l saltwater

500g corn flour




Boil 1 litre of saltwater in a copper pot over the fire in the fireplace, setting another litre aside to add during cooking.  Sprinkle in 250 grams of polenta flour, stirring well with a long wooden stick. After 15 minutes, gradually add the rest of the water. Continue for about an hour, until the mixture is completely cooked. Pour out the polenta onto a wooden board and cut it into slices using yarn. Serve piping hot. Yellow polenta is not a Ticinese creation, but is a staple food in the regions of Ticino.


Polenta, along with chestnuts, was the staple food in rural communities and was even eaten as breakfast in the morning. Today, people like to eat it with meat stews, cod, and mortadella sausage. It tastes great heated in a frying pan, mashed with a fork, and flavoured with pieces of cheese.