Cultural Ticino

Where culture and nature go hand in hand

Ticino is a land of artists. And culture is still a way of life.  Experience a place where art, architecture and history are intertwined with nature and the landscape. 

5 works of art by Mario Botta

Ticino is a land of artists! Ancient architectural signs and works by major masters have characterized the territory, as Mario Botta, known all over the world.

Visconti Castle, Locarno
Church Santa Maria degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro

Admire the great variety of churches: from the intimate and precious Romanesque examples of the valleys, to the monumental and those from the famous architects too.  

Via delle Vose, Intragna, Centovalli

Or lose yourself in one of the many museums, fall in love with the stories each culture has to tell or visit one of the special exhibitions the region is able to offer: the LAC is almost mandatory, you will not be disappointed. But if the sofa is comfortable, no problem, Ticino's culture is also virtual!

Virtual Ticino

Why not try virtual reality? In Ticino, wearing special glasses, you can make a leap in time by discovering the history of some places full of charm and curiosity.


Let this hidden corner south of the Alps amaze you, where culture and nature go hand in hand. 


You can visit the Fortress of Bellinzona and the Mount San Giorgio, which are both UNESCO sites. Don't forget the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio and a walk through the beech woods of the Lodano Valley. Dig into the culture of this corner of Switzerland!



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