Museums and architecture

Journey into Ticino's cultural heritage

If you’re passionate about museums and architecture, you’re in the right place. In Ticino you can choose between some seventy museums, admire the stunning shapes of world-renowned architect Mario Botta’s masterpieces, and discover his Academy.

There is plenty of ‘religious’ architecture too, including the Riva San Vitale baptistery and the Madonna del Sasso monastery. Make sure to spare some time to have a look at the rustic houses specific to the area.

Baptistery, Riva San Vitale
Sonlerto, Val Bavona
Roseto, heart of the village

Or why not take a step back in time at the museums dedicated to Hermann Hesse, Vincenzo Vela, or the incredible Fossil Museum? And then there is the superlative Fortress of Bellinzona!

Castle of Sasso Corbaro UNESCO, Bellinzona

You could spend a lifetime trying to see everything, so why not get started straight away?