Shopping in Ticino

For all tastes

Discover a Canton where shopping and the dolce vita rule, where you can find markets and craftsmanship alongside the most prestigious of shops from the most world renowned international designer brands. In Lugano, Via Nassa is the street for serious shoppers. The beautiful palazzos of the Old Town host the refined boutiques for luxury purchases.

Boutique Via Nassa, Lugano

If you like a bargain, head over to FoxTown, the most important outlet shopping centre anywhere in Switzerland. You will find more than 250 brands at incredible prices. How can you say no?

FoxTown, Mendrisio

Old Town, Bellinzona
Casa del Vino, Morbio Inferiore
Bissolo, treat made of chocolate and chestnut

Whatever your style, come and shop in Ticino.