The taste of travel combining history and flavours

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Along your way to the grottos in search of a restaurant, your attention is drawn by a building with a name that takes your mind to another continent. The scent of food, a friendly atmosphere and good music: a symphony of Ticino's tastes in Ponte Brolla.

Is that a cutting board or a surfboard? That’s the first question that spontaneously comes into your mind when you see a cutting board loaded heavily with mixed sliced meats being carried into the room. Will you be able to finish it all? Accompanied by a good wine, this is Grotto America’s most popular offering.  

Within these walls, you soon realise that, in addition to the food, you will also feed on stories of the past. In the 19th century, people from the valleys who were waiting for transport to the port of Genoa, from where they would sail to America, would gather here to wait in the grotto.

Ponte Brolla, the artists' corner

Ponte Brolla, the artists' corner

Today, probably they will not be going to the New World, but you will still meet travellers here who have stopped for a break along the banks of the Maggia river. The grotto is indeed still a place for meeting and refreshment for people like you who, in the company of their friends or family, want to experience a special moment.

Your evening and journey through history will be accompanied by the music coming from the Artists' Corner. A natural stage and an open-air dance floor are the elements that complete this evening under the stars.  

Alessandro Rezzonico, - Sales & Marketing manager
Alessandro Rezzonico,Sales & Marketing manager
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During the warm season the Grotto America organizes events inviting musicians from everywhere.