Sport in Ticino

A four-season sporting heaven

If it’s sport that runs through your veins, then Ticino awaits your visit.  You’ll discover a region where you indulge your taste in sport year-round, thanks to the mild climate and the quality of the infrastructure. Tick Tock Tick Tock...what are you waiting for?

Bike Ticino

Mountain bike or road bike, with friends or family, Ticino is a land of cycling that combines magnificent landscapes, exciting trails and gastronomic experiences.


Every season of the year is packed with possibilities. Exploit the Summer for water-based sports on the rivers and lakes of the region. In Winter, attack the slopes and enjoy some skiing, boarding or sledging.

Nara, Blenio Valley

Come and test your aspirations for adventure... are you ready for the challenge?

Campo Blenio, Blenio Valley
Bungee Jumping, Verzasca dam

Whatever your leisure pursuit, come and do it in Ticino!

In Southern Switzerland

Sports are for everyone, anytime