Autumn in Ticino

For all those who need an extra boost of colours

Tips for the most beautiful autumn in Switzerland

There are many good reasons to visit Ticino even when the days get shorter. It retains its Mediterranean charm, the sun still shines, the colours glow with warm hues and chestnut husks continue to populate the woods. It is still nice outside: the season is not over yet, on the contrary!

What to do

Ticino, the land with a mild climate even in the autumn months, always offers something to do. Walking trails, hikes and bike-friendly itineraries are in fact perfectly practicable even in the late season. But the list of activities also continues indoors: in Ticino you can access the best wellness centres with panoramic views or the most curious museums in the canton. All with the unmissable facilities just a click away with the Ticino Ticket.

Where and what to eat

The grotti, cradles of taste and guardians of tradition, are perhaps the most representative of Ticino's culinary culture. Often located near the woods, they are the symbol of Mediterranean conviviality and the pleasure of dining that distinguish the Italian part of Switzerland. Here you will find a list of all the grotti in Ticino to discover: savour the genuineness of local products, from polenta to fine game, inside evocative structures!


Nothing is more typical for life in Ticino than the grotto, a simple tavern in quiet hideaway places, well in the shade of trees. Everybody sits in the coolness of the trees, drinking and eating products of the local cuisine.


Ticino stands for taste, quality and sustainability. There are several establishments that, through cantonal initiatives, protect the local agricultural and food heritage, handing down the knowledge and spreading the unmistakable flavours. Here you will find a list of local gastronomic delicacies as well as elegant starred restaurants to choose from. Put yourself to the test too: consult the recipes and dabble in replicating Ticino's autumn specialities in your own kitchen!

Ticino a Tavola

Special attention is paid to the use of local products, always accompanied by a choice of Ticino wines.


Typical products

Our gastronomy is rich in memories and flavours. Come and taste the quality of the Swiss food and wine tradition.


Ticino Gourmet Tour

All the restaurants on the Ticino Gourmet Tour share a love of detail and of the products that the region and the season have to offer.


Recipes from Ticino

A selection of recipes for all tastes, perfect for people who would love to taste a small piece of Ticino at home!


Where to sleep

Autumn in Ticino offers a variety of accommodation to be enjoyed to the full. From comfortable solutions in hotels to the charm of campsites immersed in nature, there is always a place to rest and enjoy the autumn beauty of the region. Choose your oasis and experience autumn in Ticino in a unique way!

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Accommodation in Ticino

From hotels to camping sites, mountain huts or farm tourism, the Italian Switzerland has a wide range of accommodation to suit your needs!


Ready for your visit to Ticino?

Each region has its own colour, feast your eyes. Open up a window on Ticino from your own home thanks to the webcams.


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