Autumn in Ticino

For all those who need an extra boost of autumn

Autumn, the late summer 

There are many good reasons to visit Ticino even when the days get shorter. It retains its charm, the sun shines, the colours change, and chestnut urchins populate the woods. It's still nice outside, the season is not over yet, on the contrary! 

Chestnuts are certainly the star of this season. You can find them everywhere: in the woods, at restaurants, at the market. Roasted, with milk, candied, in vermicelles… it is a traditional product that both adults and children will enjoy.

Who said you can do outdoor sports only in summer? With a climb here and a MTB descent there, Ticino is packed with exciting outdoor activities. 

Visit places packed with history, see magnificent raptors, experience an adventure and test your ingenuity by solving mysteries.

5 outdoor activities for autumn

It’s never too late to do outdoor sports in Ticino! Various outdoor activities can be practised all year round, the routes are free from snow and the temperatures allow you to stay outdoors.


A hot bath is truly wonderful on the coldest days. With a lake or mountain view? Even better! Children can enjoy it too thanks to pools and fun slides.

The sky is overcast, it looks like rain. The ideal day to admire works of art in the various regions of Ticino. Or in the Mendrisiotto to follow the audio guide of its 5 art museums

A bit of shopping is essential. With over 100 shops and well-known brands, Fox Town is the ideal place for an afternoon of shopping.

You can still visit a grotto in the late autumn! Here’s a selection of eateries that are still open when the days get shorter, serving local delicacies such as polenta, braised meat, soups, cakes and, above all, mouthwatering game. Whether you decide to sit indoors or outdoors, your belly will always be full. 

In Ticino, you can camp in autumn as well! Whether in a campervan or in a tent, the renowned quality of Ticino's campsites is at your service. Located on lake shores or in lush valleys, in some wonderful settings.

Ready for your visit to Ticino?

Clean & Safe

Ticino is a safe destination. Numerous tourism operators and facilities have signed up to the “Clean & Safe” initiative so that visitors can enjoy their holiday in safety.

Don’t forget to check the weather in the region of interest and open up a window on Ticino from your own home thanks to the webcams.

Each region has its own colour, feast your eyes.


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