Autumn in Ticino

A palette of colors

The mild climate of Switzerland’s “sun room” makes it ideal for producing top-quality wines. Exploring beautiful footpaths through the mountains or vineyards, taking part in the grape harvest for a day or tasting wines in one of Canton Ticino’s renowned wineries after an enjoyable bike ride will make your visit to the area truly unforgettable. Those wanting to discover the canton’s autumn landscape on foot can also try some of the walks through the chestnut woods. On top, there are plenty of local food festivals featuring a variety of regional products. In short, there’s something for everyone.

Unmissable autumn events

The grape harvest festivities are accompanied by the Ticino autumn, like the porcini mushrooms with risotto. Gastronomy and typical products are the main features, but there are also cultural and sporting events, dance and theatre.

The woods alive with radiant colour. Tables piled high with nature’s seasonal delights; mushrooms, chestnuts and more. Autumn in Ticino is really Summer’s last goodbye, but with lots of added flavour!

Or why not combine a hike or traditional chestnut-hunt in the woods with a treat for your taste buds in a traditional grotto?
A truly magical corner of Switzerland awaits you: stock-up on some good weather and good food before the Winter!

Chestnuts, autumn festival

5 hikes instagram friendly

The landscape begins to change, it's autumn in Ticino. A palette of colours emanates between the trees and the perfect time for a photo is around the corner. Follow these 5 bloggers and discover some Ticino excursions through their shots.


Autumn activities

Breathtaking views, movement and flavours are a combination of activities just waiting to be experienced. Why not explore one of Switzerland’s biggest wine-producing area by bike and learn more about the local wine-making industry? Or travel up to panoramic peaks by funicular or rack railway? Meanwhile, those wanting to immerse themselves in nature can’t fail to find the right path. Ticino also has plenty to offer gourmets, hikers and culture lovers.

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