Winter in Ticino

Where the mediterranean meets the Alps.

Ticino, with its privileged location south of the Alps, is the perfect destination for your next winter getaway. Here you will find the only Mediterranean winter in Switzerland.

You can spend plenty of time in the winter air, enjoying sunny walks along the shores of Ticino's lakes and snow-free cycle paths, as well as ice skating or winter hiking. And as soon as it snows? Clear the way for winter sports activities at higher altitudes!

It's cold outside, it may snow a bit. The desire for a warm and cozy environment is big. This is the ideal day to dedicate to yourself! Whether it's in a wellness centre, in the kitchen baking delicacies or in the halls of a museum, we have something for you. 

Special shop openings:

52 km of route, 2 nations, 83 bridges and 31 tunnels to discover in less than two hours ride. And when the snow tinges the landscape white, the slow journey turns into pure poetry.


Long live the King!

Carnival is very popular in Ticino and anyone who wants to can celebrate it for over a month between January and March. Its main ingredients are masks, risotto, music and lots of fun.



Special offer -20%

20% discount on the daily price in several hotels in Ticino and free travel on public transport from your place of residence to the hotel and back


Do you fancy some action and being in the open air? Then Ticino is ready to welcome you and let you have fun with its many winter activities

Ice rinks

In Ticino there are many ice rinks, from those that animate the city centers during the Christmas period to those where future champions of hockey, skating or simply where families have fun.



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