Winter in Ticino

Where the mediterranean meets the Alps.

Switzerland's only Mediterranean winter awaits you on the shores of Ticino's lakes, but you just have to get to the top of a summit to try your hand at winter sports

Do you fancy some action and being in the open air, perhaps surrounded by soft snow? Then Ticino is ready to welcome you and let you have fun with its many winter activities. 

5 winter excursions

Ticino’s winter landscapes are just waiting to be discovered with hiking boots or snowshoes. You’ll find sun, fresh air and tranquillity.



The Ticino winter is perfect for those who love mountain biking: the mild climate and almost no snow at low altitudes allows you to ride all year round.


It's cold outside, it may snow a bit. The desire for a warm and cozy environment is big. This is the ideal day to dedicate to yourself! Whether it's in a wellness centre, in the kitchen baking delicacies or in the halls of a museum, we have something for you. 

5 spa with a view of Ticino

Ticino offers unique landscapes even in the months before the spring awakening. Treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation. Here are 5 spa hotels ready to pamper you for a break out of town.


Clean & Safe

Ticino is a safe destination. Numerous tourism operators and facilities have signed up to the “Clean & Safe” initiative so that visitors can enjoy their holiday in safety.


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