Water sports in Ticino

Where water is pure fun

Fun, relaxation, nature and water. Lots of water. If you’re fond of water-based sports, Ticino is the place to be.

Ponte Brolla, Vallemaggia
Valle Verzasca

Come and carve your mark on the lakes, wakeboarding, windsurfing or waterskiing. Or learn everything about the wind at a sailing class.

Tenero, Lago Maggiore
Kayak, Riviera Valley

Fish in rivers of the Ticino valleys or dive yourself in one of the emerald-green pools below the pictureque Lavertezzo bridge. What if the weather is not great? A visit to one of the finest aqua-parks in Switzerland is an ideal choice.

Alpine lake Tom, Valle Leventina
Splash e Spa Tamaro
Termali Salini & Spa Lido Locarno

If water is your natural element, you are in the perfect place.

Romanic bridge, Lavertezzo, Valle Verzasca
Lake Lugano