Ticino as a sustainable destination

Small steps go a long way

Ticino is increasingly sustainable: discover our offer!

Choose an environmentally, economically and socially responsible holiday. Ticino Turismo, its tourism partners and locals, have the theme of sustainability at heart, and this is why we are committed to actively promoting the vision of sustainable tourism.  Discover our sustainable holiday offer: 


What is Swisstainable? Swisstainable is a Swiss sustainability programme created by Switzerland Tourism. The goal is the sustainable development of Switzerland as a tourist destination. Participation in the sustainability programme is open to all tourism companies and organisations in Switzerland. Why Swisstainable? The sustainability programme aims to give visibility to the tourism industry's commitment and to support tourism service providers in their efforts towards the overall sustainable development of Swiss tourism. Existing certifications, initiatives and programmes are integrated and recognised, provided they meet certain standards. The programme does not constitute a new certification.

Ticino is accessible

Ticino is accessible to everyone and offers high quality services with an eye for any special requirements. Learn about initiatives for a more inclusive and accessible Ticino.

Monthly tips to be a more sustainable traveler

Veganuary is the perfect month to enjoy vegan and local specialities, but that doesn't mean you can't also treat yourself to these delicacies during the rest of the year.
If you are curious to try your hand at cooking, try the tasty green recipe too!

Hear from the locals

Ticino, its companies, and its inhabitants are committed to the theme of sustainability and to promoting it as best they can. There are several sector partners in Ticino that actively support the vision of sustainable tourism. Watch the interviews with 6 Ticino structures and discover how they adhere to the Swisstainable initiative promoted by Switzerland Tourism.

What can you do?

Recycling and waste sorting are important! Make a difference and dispose of your rubbish in the designated waste bins. And why not reduce your footprint? You can compensate for transport by paying a little extra when buying tickets or through organisations such as Myclimate, which invest this money in projects related to environmental protection.

did you know?
The inhabitants of the Bavona Valley have chosen to have no electricity supply. Energy needs are met through the use of solar panels.
The recently finalized Gotthard wind farm consists of 5 wind turbines (each with a power of 2.35 MW) which together will produce between 16 and 20 GWh of electricity each year. Enough to meet the needs of all households in Upper Ticino.
The longest bikesharing route (50.8 km) goes from Bellinzona to Bignasco. There are over 700 bikes available along the route, including around 400 electric bikes.