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Who are we?

The Agenzia Turistica Ticinese (ATT SA, Ticino Tourism Agency) is a limited company based in Bellinzona, founded as a result of the new Law on Tourism which entered into force on the 1st of January 2015. It replaces the Ente Ticinese per il Turismo, founded in 1972.
ATT SA has some eight shareholders: - Canton Ticino - 4 regional tourism organisations (Organizzazioni Turistiche Regionali, OTR: Mendrisiotto & Basso Ceresio, Luganese, Bellinzonese & Alto Ticino, Lago Maggiore & Valli) - 3 trade associations (Hotelleriesuisse Ticino, Gastroticino and Associazione Campeggi Ticinesi)

The ATT is divided into the following sections: "Products", "Administration",   "Content", "Swiss Market", "Foreign Markets", "Communication" and "Web Management".

What do we do?

The ATT develops and implements (on behalf of the Canton and of the OTR regional tourist offices) the Cantonal touristic strategy, based on the OTR’s regional strategic plans.
The ATT is active mainly on the following markets: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, USA and Canada, Great Britain, Benelux, China, France, Gulf Council Countries, Russia and Southeast Asia.

The ATT’s main responsibilities are:

The marketing activities aimed at the promotion of tourism in Ticino

The coordination of touristic activities

The management, as well as the development of supra-regional touristic projects

Institutional area

Our legislative and strategic foundations.

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