Autumn in Ticino

Culture Breggia

From grain to flour

  • 2 september – 11.10
  • 24°
  • 290 m
  • Energic

Lugano Region in ferment

Craft beer is trendy and sometimes a fad, but in Ticino “blonde”, amber, red or dark beer has been produced for almost two centuries. In 1828, Felice Lombardi of Airolo asked for the first permission to brew beer and then, in the following years, breweries sprang up all over Ticino, especially in the Mendrisio region. In the second half of the 20th century, major national and international groups took over, but since the '90s the passion that was stirring in the territory has made a comeback and now the breweries - and microbreweries - have begun to grow again.


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