Getting around Ticino

It is easy to move around Ticino!

Buses, cable cars, funiculars, local trains and boats offer great connections to move easily in the region. Here below there is a guide to Ticino public transport system and some useful information to move around by private car taking advantage of the highway network that connects quickly each region of the canton. Discovering the region on the saddle is possible: one can reach Ticino by train with its own bike.


The Ticino Railway company (TILO) provides for an efficient and quick transfer service, connecting the major towns. And don't forget to check out the deals!



By taking the local buses, you will have the chance to admire the landscapes and visit even the most remote villages in the valleys.



By sailing the lakes, you will get the thrill of an old times cruise, within limited time and space, in this corner of Switzerland.



Ticino has good internal connections and the roads are modern and safe. To drive on the motorways, you will need to buy an annual pass.


Ticino Ticket

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