Grand Tour in Ticino

The journey is the goal

Get ready to explore Switzerland. A 1.600 km circuit where you can discover the country’s true pearls over just one road: this is the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Piazza Grande, Locarno

You can start from Ticino, your Southern gateway. Climb Monte San Giorgio, listed as an UNESCO Heritage Site. And then Monte Brè, to enjoy the magnificent views over Lugano.

Stroll through Ascona, a truly picturesque village. Dive into the emerald green waters of the Verzasca river or treat yourself to a trip on the Centovallina train, which is part of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Centovalli, Lago Maggiore e Valli

Discover The Fortress of Bellinzona, which are also UNESCO listed, and finally ride along the Tremola, a stunning, ancient road taking you to the mighty Gotthard massif to the north.

Enjoy a landscape rich in contrasts, all within a few kilometres. Treat yourself to an unforgettable tour. With the new GrandTourApp you can plan the distances of your trip, choose what to visit and let yourself be guided comfortably to the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Bordei, Centovalli