Small videos, a great experience

Ticino wants to be discovered

All those who look with curiosity and dedication will discover Ticino’s treasures and little secrets, hidden all over the Canton. There is not a single distinctive element but it is about a mosaic of infinite instants, moments and stories scattered throughout the territory. This makes up an experience of rare beauty and charm.
We captured some of these small moments and put them in the following videos.


Ticino is a world of stories to be shared. Their value is given by the sense of discovery, by uniqueness, by becoming aware of a secret advice that only few know. It is about people close to guests, whether we are talking about hoteliers, innkeepers, guides, artists or craftsmen. They are locals telling their Ticino.


Ticino is the southernmost canton in Switzerland. A region that is, in some ways, part of the classic Swiss imagination - with lakes, rivers and typically alpine natural scenery - while for others it is totally different, considering climate, lifestyle, language and gastronomy, all evocative elements of a clearly Mediterranean style.


"The lake changes by season. In spring the gardens are full of colour, in summer everything is lush, in autumn the woods turn red and gold and in winter, you have an absolutely clear view of the mountains"

The protagonist of our story "A man and his lake" knows what he is talking about. Ticino is enchanting all year round and you can take home an unforgettable memory from every season.
What is your favourite season?


Whatever your ideal holiday is, whether you are with your family, as a couple or with friends, interested in nature, sport, culture, want to take a tour of the most beautiful landscapes of Ticino or discover the traditions and products of the region, Ticino is designed for you.