Seasons in Ticino

A year-round holiday

There is a place where the climate is always mild. Where the pace of the seasons is slow and an atmosphere of dolce vita fills the air as the months float by. That place is Ticino, and it’s waiting just for you.

Lago di Lugano, Gandria

You can trek in the mountains all year round and refuel afterwards at a grotto or at one of the many
 food events which enliven the autumn.

After the whiteness of the snow, the sun slowly opens the buds and the first flowers begin to paint the spring. A good mood will guide you to the most colourful places in the area.

And if you try your hand at snow in winter, you can always pamper yourself with a day at the spa. And what if it rains? Treat yourself to an activity-packed day.

Winter Sports

Ticino has a unique mild Winter in Switzerland. You can enjoy the Mediterranean temperatures along the lakes or climb up the mountains if you prefer Winter sports.


In Ticino it's holiday all year round.

Enjoy 365 days of harmony.

5 ideas for experiencing every season in Ticino

Did you know that the spring sun is already warm enough to go out in short sleeves? Did you know that Ticino's winter offers also sunshine and mild temperatures and not only snow and slopes? Discovering every season of Ticino is easy with these 5 suggestions.



unique in all seasons