Lugano Region

Where the city merges with nature

Discover Lugano: an international city which blends finance and culture. Indulge in the pleasant tranquillity of its parks and the Old-Town’s porticos. Relax with a spot of shopping and a stroll by the lakeside, among the palms and olive trees.

48 hours Lugano

Do you have a weekend to visit Lugano and surroundings? We offer you a selection of places absolutely to visit in 2 days!


It’s a region that can be discovered by boat or bike. Admire the mountains rising steeply from the lakeside and explore the fascinating little villages dotted along the shoreline.

Track down Hermann Hesse’s legacy in Montagnola, venture into one of the genuinely engaging city-museum exhibitions or treat yourself with a night of acclaimed music at the LongLake Festival festival.

Experience Lugano Region's great outdoors and delight your taste buds with local culinary specialties. 

Come and enjoy this corner of Switzerland, where city and nature seamlessly combine. What are you waiting for?

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Places to see in Lugano

Lugano, the largest city in Southern Switzerland, is ready for you. Discover a life-size Mediterranean atmosphere.



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