Spring in Ticino

A new awakening

With the mildest year-round cIimate of any of the cantons in Switzerland, Ticino in Spring-time always offers something special. Enjoy an early taste of the coming Summer: as nature blooms before your eyes, prepare to be both relaxed and charmed by all its wonders.

Camelie, Vairano

Public gardens and parks are lit with an infinite variety of colours thanks to the explosion of camellias, magnolias and azaleas. The lakeside palms contrast proudly against the mountains’ still-snowy summits.

Natural Ticino

Ticino is a land of contrasts. Sandy beaches and eternal snows, green hills and wild valleys are all contained in a bunch of kilometers.


A stay in Ticino in the Spring is just what you need. Let nature regenerate you while the dolce vita treats you.

From strolling beside the crystal clear waters of the lake, to feeling the breeze in your hair as you cycle below stunning mountain scenery, you too can be part of Spring’s great re-awakening.

Bike Sharing, Lugano


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