A detox from the present and a dive into the past

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In the Rovana Valley, one of the main side valleys of Maggia Valley, there is a hidden gem from a bygone era where you can enjoy a zero-impact experience: Cà Vegia, an ancient building that offers accommodation for the most daring, taking them back in time. Here, peace and tranquility reign supreme, letting you take a real break from everyday life without gas or electricity. And just a stone's throw away is Bosco Gurin, a Walser village that was voted one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.

The atmosphere here is suspended in time: the crackling of the fire catapults you into a romantic evening lying on the mats, wrapped in woolen blankets from a time when people listened in silence to the sounds of nature outside the house...
9.20 am: bus number 315 towards Maggia Valley with the famous flags on the roof. Get on and you'll be at the entrance to the valley just a few minutes later. Intermediate stop in Cevio to change bus in the direction of Bosco Gurin.
10.46 am: you have now arrived in Cerentino, Bivio Corsopra stop. From here, it's a short walk to Cà Vegia in the small hamlet of Cà di Giunzi: a house dating back to the 1600s, steeped in memories, which has been given a new lease of life after 10 years of restoration. At the entrance, the hostess Svetlana welcomes you with a bewitching smile, eager to tell you the story behind this project. Her husband Adriano handled most of the renovations to restore a house that had been uninhabited for 100 years to its former glory. “Faithful to the original, as it once was”: which means without gas or electricity. Original materials, such as Bosco Gurin lime mortar derived from calcareous marble, were used to reconstruct the building. Where possible, however, the beams, doors, ceilings, and floors have been left authentic and the furniture dates back to the late 19th century.
An unusual check-in in a unique atmosphere. Before the tour of the house, Svetlana accompanies you to your room. Warm, welcoming, and spacious, with a double bed in the center, handcrafted from locally sourced wood. Candles on the windows to light up the room and a bottle of wine to warm your heart: a truly magical atmosphere. The two rustic doors, cleaned with extreme love and care, show off their full splendor thanks to the old hand-painted decorations.

On the ground floor, there is also a room used as a dining room with an ancient, traditional alpine stove restored with soapstone from Bosco Gurin, donated by friends, as well as the kitchen. This used to be the most important room in the house, where people gathered to get together in the warm and to eat. The fire-lit kitchen offers everything you need to cook what you want. On the second floor, meanwhile, the bathroom is an oasis of pure relaxation and the only exception in the house: the shower also has hot water! On the basement floor, the ancient building still hides a few surprises, including a self-service shop for guests with local and artisan products. So don't miss out on an aperitif with products from the shop!

7.00 pm: "And for dinner, stew with polenta made in an old-fashioned pot, just like in the old days!" advises Svetlana, who has offered to help you cook. Between the enveloping heat, the company, and the exquisite polenta, time flies and it's already time to go to bed. Silence blankets the valley and the stars light up the sky above you.

8.00 am: the first rays of sun peaking through, fresh mountain air, and the chirping of the birds: the awakening of the valley is a magical moment. Breakfast is ready straight away and the aroma of coffee wafts down from the balcony on the second floor. Before heading back to the daily grind, a visit to Bosco Gurin is a must. But what time does the bus come? You don't even know where your phone is. You've completely forgotten about it!

Luca Goldhorn, - forest tour guide
Luca Goldhorn,forest tour guide
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Here you are in Cerentino


Tour of Cà Vegia


Dinner: stew with polenta made in an old-fashioned pot


The awakening of nature is magical


A visit to Bosco Gurin is a must



Cà Vegia is open 5 months a year:
June to October approx.


Svetlana Beroggi
Via cantonale
6683 Cerentino 

[email protected] 
Mobile: +41 79 286 93 47