5 activities for kids in autumn

When the woods turn different colors, the days get shorter, and the air grows crisp, that's when everything becomes even more beautiful. Thanks to its mild climate, Ticino is the ideal destination for families even in autumn. You don't need the sun to be shining to come here: having adventures in the company of animals, discovering collections of railway models, and learning skills like archery are all activities suitable for children, especially from September onwards. Below are 5 unmissable activities to try this autumn with the whole family in Ticino. Let's find out what they are!  

1. Model railways from past to present 

Next to the station manager, who smiles at you, you stop to think: what would it be like to get the historic Märklin model trains back on the tracks? To go through the Gotthard tunnel on board a steam train? To rediscover how the telegraph used by the federal postal system in the late 1800s worked? You can do all this and more at the Baumgartner Gallery, where history has never been so close at hand.  

2. A farm for all tastes

 The little white-faced goats are so cute when they nuzzle your hand while you pet them! But they are not the only ones who are treated well at the Fattoria del Faggio farm: with a variety of 0-Km products from the adjoining dairy, there is truly something for all tastes here. Doubtless you’re already dreaming of treating yourself to a snack made with homemade bleu and büscion cheeses from Ticino.  

3. The real treasure is the friends you make...

And today you'll make so many friends! Among the cows quivering to meet you and the friendly chickens taking their morning walk, you are always in good company at the Fattoria Ponzio. Did you know there's also a maze in the cornfield here in September? On foot or by bike, the Fattoria Ponzio farm is easy to get to whenever you want.  

4. In the footsteps of William Tell 

Have you ever dreamed of being William Tell, even for just one day? Under the contagiously enthusiastic guidance of the archer from Ticino, Marco Nussbaum, you'll learn all the secrets of traditional archery. Find your targets, take aim, and let loose your arrow!  

5. Mountain biking in Capriasca Valley

Imagine starting out with your little champions from Taverne and riding through the heart of Capriasca on your mountain bike. Then continue through the forest of San Clemente to the charming little protected Origlio lake: take a break, breathe in, and enjoy the surrounding landscape. All on a path surrounded by greenery, with no traffic, and suitable for even the youngest cyclists.  

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