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Rassegna Raclette

Selection of good music chosen and curated by the Foce.

Launched in 2014, the Raclette festival offers a heterogeneous programme of good music. A glimpse into the world of the most interesting international music realities, creating a dimension of discovery and aggregation. An intimate and aggregative atmosphere that is further amplified by the programming crossovers with Agorateca Presenta, introducing listening and discussion evenings in the renovated Foce foyer.



  • CHF 15.–
  • CHF 12.– MyLugano Card (+10% cashback in LVGA), MyLugano Pass (+5% cashback in LVGA), IoStudio student card, IoInsegno, Club Rete Due members, SMUM card, Ticino Ticket

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  • CATEGORIES Music , Get-togethers