A selection of experiences with a local flavour. The perfect way to discover everyday rural life in Ticino.

Do you want to discover Ticino’s rural world?

The Agriesperienze have been developed to promote Ticino’s cultural heritage and support the development of sustainable activities in the area. Authentic experiences, carefully created to welcome guests who want to discover and visit farms, wineries and dairies in the company of a knowledgeable guide, learning about cultivation, winemaking and cheesemaking techniques and then tasting the mouthwatering products. The most intrepid visitors can even get involved in various agricultural activities, getting their hands dirty!

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Ticino’s agrifood producers are opening their doors to offer experiences with a local flavour linked to the land. Immerse yourself in Ticino’s beautiful rural landscapes, with their vineyards, chestnut woods and green meadows. Discover places of particular interest off the beaten track. 

Agriculture in Ticino

Despite being small, Ticino is home to a vast range of enthusiastic farmers, including livestock farmers, market gardeners, winegrowers and artisans of flavour. This has led to the creation of some real gastronomic delicacies, including wines, cheeses, cold meats and desserts. Here are some ideas for learning more about the area and its products.

Grape Escapes

Discover different accommodations, all in the heart of the Ticino vineyards, experience the wine culture in an unforgettable and unique way.


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Ideas for a unique experience in Ticino.