Traveling alone in Ticino

Face to face with Ticino: prepare your backpack the rest is up to Ticino!

Travelling alone to discover Ticino? It could be an incredibly exciting experience! Adventures and trips to unexplored places, sports and cultural activities, and much more. Unforgettable moments and new acquaintances await the adventurous.

From the mountains to the lake, Ticino is an ideal territory to explore safely. Mindfulness is a welcome travel companion.
The advantage of travelling alone? The freedom to explore at your own pace and in your own conditions, to trust your limits at all times and to share experiences to collect memories. On your own, you will also have time and space to think, reflect and better understand yourself and the world around you.

100% women

Travelling alone in Ticino? No problem! 
  And women who travel without a male companion and are looking for activities that are especially tailored to their needs will find what suits them here. A selection of Ticino offers, made by women for women.


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