5 hikes where the chestnut rules

Small fruits with a spiny armour, but tender heart. The chestnut is a symbol of wealth in Ticino and has fed the population for centuries. The whole plant was used: fruit, wood and leaves. The hunt for the Ticino chestnut has already begun in the chestnut woods and along the trails, including the chestnut trail! These small fruits have all sorts of uses: pasta, beer, cakes, flour, honey, etc.

1. The Chestnut Park

Searching for Ticino’s chestnuts among medieval towers and churches. An easy circular route overlooking the Vedeggio plain. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk around the little Origlio lake.

2. On the historic way

Starting in Piazza Ticino on Monte Ceneri and ending at the railway station in Cadenazzo. Once a way walked by brigands, pilgrims and travellers, now an educational and cultural itinerary that takes in the chestnut woods in Robasacco.

3. Switzerland's southernmost valley

Starting in Bruzella, a village just 15 minutes from Mendrisio, passing grà, mills, bird snares and nevère. Not just chestnuts: why not stop off at the restored Bruzella Mill to buy some flour for making polenta.

4. View of Verzasca Dam or Lake Maggiore?

Both! A circular walk of medium difficulty, winding through the chestnut wood above Vogorno to Odro and Bardüghè. This sometimes challenging yet highly satisfying itinerary offers spiky fruits with a tasty centre.

5. It's more fun by bike!

A circular itinerary through the chestnut woods of the Alto Malcantone for diehard cyclists.The route follows the Trail of Wonders, uncovering traces of the past.

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A prickly little treasure

A prickly little treasure

Chestnuts are associated with history, food, tradition and fun in Ticino. Every child has visited a chestnut wood to gather these delicious nuts that can be roasted in their shells or turned into tasty vermicelles, a delicious flour, crunchy cereal or an aromatic beer.