Where to do yoga in Ticino

Whether you are already familiar with yoga practice or just starting, don't miss the chance to practice it in the heart of Ticino's nature on sunny days. Imagine doing your yoga session on a grassy meadow or by the lake's shore, the sun setting as you feel the embrace of nature and the melodies of surrounding birds – a truly soulful experience. Picture practicing yoga in public gardens, surrounded by vibrant and fragrant flowers, all while inhaling the crisp, revitalizing outdoor air. Ticino offers an array of outdoor yoga lessons, providing a mindful and soulful way to immerse yourself in this exquisite region. So, why wait? Immerse yourself and prepare for an unforgettable yoga experience. 

Yoga Sup

Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning from 20.05.2023 to 10.09.2023



"In yoga, don't try to do well, but to feel well."

And how can you do it better than on a path through nature entirely dedicated to this discipline?

"The body is not rigid, the mind is rigid!"

Will it be true? Discover it by greeting the sun on a mat of magnolias or on the hill of Monte Verità. 

And remember that "yoga doesn't take time, it gives you back time."
Discover the offers of Ticino's territory and book your next regenerating holiday!

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