Where to do yoga in Ticino

"Anyone can breathe. So anyone can practice yoga." 

Ticino is an ideal place to practice this discipline that combines relaxation and concentration, meditation and tranquility. Whether on the lake or under the branches of a cool tree or within the walls of a castle, every style finds its place here.

Do you want to find your balance?

"In yoga, don't try to do well, but to feel well."

And how can you do it better than on a path through nature entirely dedicated to this discipline?

"The body is not rigid, the mind is rigid!"

Will it be true? Discover it by greeting the sun within the walls of the castles of Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or on the hill of Monte Verità. 

And remember that "yoga doesn't take time, it gives you back time."

Yoga Trail, San Nazzaro

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