Image 0 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall
Image 1 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall
Image 2 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall
Image 3 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall
Image 4 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall
Image 5 - Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall

Yoga trail - Piumogna waterfall

The path of Yoga in Faido is very pleasant and takes us to energetic places like the little church Madonna delle Rive, energetically linked to the Franciscan Convent and Hostel of the Capuchins, and to the waterfall of the Piumogna.

The Piumogna Waterfall is well known and loved. This energetic place can give us peace and positive sensations through beauty, colours and sounds. It can also pervade us with positive life energy. The particularly oxygen-rich air, scientifically measurable as ionization, is beneficial.

Those who visit the waterfall or follow the entire Yoga path can enjoy an enrichment on an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Clothing for yoga.

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