5 recipes for a sweeter Christmas

Temperatures drop, days get shorter and lights come on. Christmas is coming to Ticino! Gifts to buy, biscuits to make and time flies. Few ingredients, lots of creativity and 5 recipes easy to prepare even in the company of the smallest ones. Fun is guaranteed while waiting for Christmas.

1. Stars to eat

An explosion of aromas. Sweet and soft inside, they are among the favourite biscuits of adults and children. Lit fireplace, a cup of tea and the tree lights... the atmosphere is perfect!

2. Ticino also at Christmas

All you need is… amaretti! Typical Ticino biscuits to make or buy, the choice is yours. Our advice? Buy only the ingredients…

3. Lemon-flavoured delicacies

Eggs, flour, lemon and you are ready. Few and simple ingredients for biscuits of all shapes. Tree, heart, snowflake, every excuse is good to try a new mold!

4. Bones of All Saints or bones to bite?

Surprisingly delicious biscuits! A traditional recipe linked to All Saints Day. But who says you can't eat them all year round? Already tried with honey?

5. Christmas in a mug

It is impossible not to recognize it even with your eyes closed! Cinnamon and cloves... remind you the beloved Christmas markets. Recreating the same atmosphere at home is a piece of cake, ready? Cheers!

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