5 winter excursions

The sun is shining brightly and reflects off the snow, the clean air purifies the lungs, icicles have formed everywhere and quiet reigns in the woods because many animals are hibernating. Here are 5 winter excursions to help you make the most of Ticino’s relatively mild temperatures and keep active all year round.

1. First steps at Campo Blenio

For those who have never tried snowshoes, Campo Blenio is the perfect place to start. Two simple and well signposted trails run through sections of woodland where you might be lucky enough to encounter small wild animals like hares and squirrels. Afterwards, why not take a bath in a tub?  

2. At the peak, between two extremes

An excursion for young and old alike through a fairy-tale landscape, either on foot or with snowshoes. Enjoy a unique view from the top of Cimetta at 1,670 m a.s.l., where you can see the two extremes of Switzerland: Lake Maggiore, the lowest point, and Dufour peak, the highest point. 

3. Dry feet on Monte San Giorgio

If you don’t want snow, then the Monte San Giorgio trail is the one for you. As this is one of Ticino’s southernmost peaks, at a height of 1,097 m a.s.l. it is almost always clear of snow even in the coldest months. A breathtaking view over Lake Lugano is guaranteed in any case.  

4. 365 days of Monte Bar

At 1,814 m a.s.l. and its sunny exposure, Monte Bar is the perfect destination for hiking and snowshoeing too. A quick stop to warm up at the Capanna Monte Bar, accessible all year round, and then onwards to the peak! The view here is truly unforgettable! 

5. Between larches and evidence of the past

This SwitzerlandMobility itinerary leads through a snow-covered landscape of larches and alpine nature. Although the initial climb up to a height of 1,545 m a.s.l. is challenging, the view is well worth it. The iconic Bombögn rises up in the background, with its walls that once protected the local pastures. 

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