Bubbling Ticino

Life blossoms where water flows.

The crystal clear waters of Ticino are a real cure-all for your health. The deep, brilliant blue of the lakes is pure energy and a joy for the eyes and heart. 

Water can be a source of rest and relaxation, inviting you to take walks along the banks of rivers and lakes. Do you have an adventurous spirit? A variety of sporting activities will take you into the refreshing water of Ticino and dye your holiday an energizing blue.

Cool off in a secluded bathing area

The emerald-green or turquoise water of Ticino's rivers finds its way through the eroded rocky landscape creating hidden bathing areas and numerous natural water pools and small beach areas with the very finest sand that characterize the whole territory. Places that invite you to refresh yourself after a walk or cycling tour for a natural recharge.

Plenty of activities

From family bathing to canyoning, from rowing to a gourmet cruise - you are spoilt for choice! Ticino is not touched by the sea, but there are huge waves of activities to be enjoyed at any time of year.

Have you packed your sun cream? And the water wings for your youngest son? The most important thing is to have fun, but always in complete safety. Especially where there is no lifeguard, it is important to be careful. Water is a force of nature, but if you give it the right respect, there is nothing to fear. 

Verzasca Valley, parish church of Lavertezzo
Canyoning, Riviera valley

Let yourself be inspired

You do not know what to choose among the waterworks of Ticino? 
Then let us help you and follow these inspiring suggestions.