5 dives in Ticino

The heat of this summer leaves no one with a chance. There are those who look for the cool in the shade of the forest and those who instead under an umbrella. And if relaxation could be combined with fun? Some lidi of Ticino already offer this perfect combination to escape from the fire temperatures. Throw yourself into the air from a breathtaking height on the shore of the lake? Discover the 5 most popular diving boards in Ticino. Ready, go, DIVE!

1, 3, 5, 10 dives or meters?

At the Lido di Lugano the choice is wide. But the most popular are the diving boards where the height gives great emotions. Choosing which altitude to dive from is not easy. 1, 3, 5 and 10 meters are the possibilities offered by this structure overlooking the shores of Lake Lugano. 

2. A dive into the lake

The Lido comunale di Maroggia offers to its guests the opportunity to dive from two heights of 1 and 3 meters. Discreet heights that give great emotions even to the smallest. Between a drink and a bath, trying a few fun dives seems to be the best strategy to resist the hot summer days.

3. A dive with a view

The modern structure of the Lido di Locarno allows its guests to have fun with style. A breathtaking jump full of energy like the one released from the shores of Lake Maggiore, which is the frame of this flight in the air. Treat yourself to spectacular fun by choosing from the 5 heights that this pool offers. It starts from 1 meter for the most prudent up to 10 meters for the bravest.

4. The green trampoline

Surrounded by nature lies the carona pool. Oasis of relaxation in the open air. The main attraction of this structure is certainly its 10-metre diving board, which leaves no room for boredom. A pleasant place to experience the emotion of a breathtaking dive!

5 heights thousand dives

The sooner you get, the better you get they said. Then running down the stairs of the first diving board and then immediately running to the second, the third and finally the fourth. 5 heights from 1 to 10 meters. Fun is guaranteed at Bellinzona Municipal pool, where the diving pool is always the most popular. Then go ahead with the next DIVE!

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