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Bathing water quality

The water in Ticino runs unhindered in majestic rivers and crystal-clear streams that flow into the region’s magnificent lakes and pools in the mountains and on the plains. The water in Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore is so pure that their beauty can truly be enjoyed to the full by spending hot summer days on the lakeshore, immersing oneself in the water and in the enchanting environs.

Every summer Bellinzona’s Laboratorio Cantonale (canton laboratory) works in partnership with the Osservatorio Ambientale della Svizzera Italiana (OASI – Environmental Monitoring Centre for Italian Switzerland) to monitor the cleanliness of the water in the region’s lakes.

The results are published regularly on the OASI website, which also features an interactive map. The Laboratorio Cantonale website also includes lots of useful information, such as assessment criteria, notifications relating to particular situations, and other important notices.

Generally speaking the tests conducted on the water of Ticino’s principal lakes, Maggiore and Lugano, produce extremely positive results. However, in the event of any problems being encountered, the local population is informed and bathing is discouraged or banned so as to ensure swimmers’ safety in the Canton of Ticino.


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