5 must-see sunsets

During the day, when the sun shines bright, the panorama in Ticino is fascinating. But it is even more beautiful is at sunset, when the warm light embraces your heart and the last rays slowly disappear behind the mountains, the vineyards, the trees or the towns.
Here are 5 spots in Ticino from which it is worth admiring the sunset.

1. Catching the last sun rays at the Fiore di pietra

The suggested time to enjoy a summer sunset at Monte Generoso is Friday evening. The train arrives just in time at the summit for an aperitif while the Lake of Lugano, illuminated by the last rays of the sun, turns pink.

2. A postcard view

Shades of red and orange colour the sky above Bosco Gurin at sunset.
So why not admire it while lying in a hammock?

3. Lugano at sunset

Many paths take to the Monte Bar hut where you can stop, eat, drink and even sleep. About 200 metres above the hut, on the summit, you can find a quiet spot from which to observe the magical sunset.

4. Waiting for the stars

Let yourself be transported by the cablecar from Malvaglia directly to the Sass Malt restaurant terrace, at 1,400 meters, to watch the sunset reflected in a glass of wine. Take a seat in the front row and enjoy a carefree evening.

5. Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.

It's hard to say what is more beautiful.
A romantic sunset over Lake Maggiore or sleeping under the stars on Monte Gambarogno, in a comfortable sleeping bag? 

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