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Capanna Monte Bar

Imagine the Lugano area and valleys as an amphitheater. Monte Bar would be the most expensive and exclusive VIP box. Standing in Lugano with your back to the lake facing the valley behind you, one can see at the far end Monte Bar (1816m). Therefore standing on its peak, or below in the mountain hut (1600m) you enjoy a breathtaking view over the city lying below you and the surrounding mountains that crown the Valleys of Lugano, for example ‘I denti della Vecchia’.

The Monte Bar SAC-Hut offers 42 beds and an extensive sun terrace sheltered from the wind with breathtaking view on Lake Ceresio and an extraordinary panorama on the Alps and the Po Valley with 80 seats. The indoor room can hosts till 60 people. There is a meeting room for max. 20 people. The Monte Bar hut is a night stop on the famous three day hike Lugano Trekking from Monte Brè to Tesserete. On the rolling hills the itinerary winds its way for 44.4 kilometers. The hiker gets the time to really take advantage of the extraordinary panorama, the beauty and of the peace and quiet that the lush local natural surroundings have to offer. One makes a big circle around Lugano down in the valley.

But of course Monte Bar is also worth a day trip. The shortest walk to the hut is in just 90minutes from Corticiasca, which you can also reach by public transport. Other starting points are Bidogno, Isone or Gola di Lago. The climb to the hut is smooth and suitable for all (including families). Mountainbikers have plenty of options on Monte Bar. In winter one can skin up with skis or snowshoes.

Technical details:
Location: - High Capriasca - CNS 1:25000 f. not. 1333 Tesserete coordinates 721.800/106.600
Routes: - Corticiasca from 1 h 30 min - From Bidogno (via Alp Rompiago) 2 h 30 min - From Gorge Lake 2 h 30 min The climb to the hut is smooth and suitable for all (including families) - Winter, with skins or snowshoes Corticiasca - Mountain bike away from Tesserete Bidogno
Capacity: - 44 beds - Living room with 50 seats - Extensive sun terrace sheltered from the wind with views of Lugano

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Photos (outdoor): © Milo Zanecchia e Davide Adamoli

Photos (indoor): © Simone Mengani / Atelier PeR


  • LOCATION View on the lake , Panoramic view
  • SERVICES Open in Winter , Linens provided , Guarded hut , Restaurant
  • SPORTS AND WELLBEING Suitable for cyclists
  • VENUES Accommodation for groups