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Ristoro Sass Malt


The recently renovated Ristoro Sass Malt is the source of pride for the new management. Situated at an altitude of 1‘400 meters above sea level (4‘600 feet), just a short distance from the cable car arrival station, it offers breathtaking views over the Blenio Valley and the snow-covered mountains of the area. Built in 1996, the restaurant has been entirely renovated to offer customers a place to rest and eat which meets today’s standards, nonetheless keeping the restaurant’s main structure. There is now seating for 40 inside and 30 on the outdoor terrace. The first floor interiors have also been modernised to provide 10 beds, ready for whoever wants to stay at the Ristoro Sass Malt.


  • OPENING 23.03
  • TYPE OF VENUE Grotto
  • TYPE OF CUISINE Ticinese
  • LOCATION In the mountains , Quiet
  • VENUES Balcony