5 fountains to recharge your life

Drinking water is a great privilege. Thanks to Ticino's mountains, rivers make their way through valleys and turn into lakes. There are numerous sources where you can refresh yourself and drink water of excellent quality. Here are 5 fountains where you can fuel your life.

1. 46°22'10.3"N 8°32'33.0"E

In the centre of Lugano there is a clear water fountain with rocks and refreshing jets. Perfect for a pleasant break and also a starting point for exploring the square or getting on a boat.

Piazza Manzoni, Lugano
Piazza Riforma, Lugano

2. 46°21'10.5"N 8°58'35.6"E

In the harmonious central square of Intragna, next to the San Gottardo church, there is a granite fountain surrounded by the town's colourful houses. Thirsty? Fill your bottle here, it's fresh!

Intragna, Paese
Ferrovia Vigezzina Centovalli

3. 45°55'36.7"N 9°02'35.8"E

In Bellinzona, on the walls that enclose the historic centre, there is a water spring. The perfect place to recharge yourself and start a journey back in time: to the Middle Ages.

Bellinzona, Centro Storico
Piazza Collegiata, Bellinzona

4. 45°57'13.6"N 8°57'28.9"E

In Giornico, if you close your eyes and follow the sound of flowing water, you will find a fountain in the middle of the village square. Nearby, the church with the most important Romanesque architecture in Ticino and a museum to be discovered await you.

Giornico, Centro

5. 46°21'16.5"N 8°38'08.8"E

In Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio, at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, there is a water source that stands out in the square in Meride: this small place hides wonders from millions and millions of years ago.

Meride, Centro
Monte San Giorgio

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