5 ideas for experiencing every season in Ticino

Did you know that the spring sun is already warm enough to wear short sleeves? Did you know that in Ticino in November you can still cycle up to high altitudes? Did you know that Ticino's winter offers also sunshine and mild temperatures and not only snow and slopes? Discovering the best of every season in Ticino is easy with these 5 suggestions.

1. Spring vibes

In the Ticino spring, the rising sun warms the ground, while flowers begin to bloom in the parks. And while walking along the lakeside promenade, already in short sleeves, you cannot avoid noticing the still snowy peaks. 

2. Summer is here

The great summer heat becomes more tolerable under the shade of a tree. But what if a walk in the woods is not enough? Diving from a breathtaking height can bring great thrill. Summer in Ticino offers an option for everyone, even for those who are trying to escape the heat!

3. Hello autumn

In autumn, the landscape begins to change. The perfect moment to hunt for the chestnut, Ticino's spiky ambassador, on the trails or at the inviting autumn festivals. And why not, a bike ride in the sun can be a good idea, even in November!

4. Let it snow

High altitudes or mild temperatures? Both! For sports lovers, there is no lack of activities on the snow, while for those who prefer to chill out, a cappuccino on the lakeside sounds great. All of course under the bright sun of the Ticino winter.

5. At the table? All year round!

Cooking is a popular activity all year round. So why don't you get inspired by one of Ticino's typical recipes? There's something for all tastes: from everyday cooking to starred cuisine.
Enjoy your meal!

Farina Bona

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