5 views that are worth a ride

Refreshments? Packed. Tyre pressure? Checked. Let’s go!  Ticino is for cyclists and offers itineraries for everyone! Linear, circular, bike, MTB and E-Bike routes. From the easiest for families to the most difficult for real professionals. Freedom, relax, adrenaline and breathtaking views surrounded by nature on paths, paved and unpaved roads. Choose the trail that suits you from this selection and enjoy the view at the finish line.

1. In the heart of the Alps in MTB

From the Gotthard to Biasca overcoming 1,718 meters of altitude difference through the Ritom Lake plateau, the Piora Valley, the Lukmanier to Olivone and Biasca. A route in stages, initially pleasant and quiet and then steep and technically more challenging.

2. A sensational challenge

A difficult and challenging route starts from the Monte Tamaro, which can be reached by cable car. A steep climb and 330 metres of altitude difference lead to the Tamaro hut where you can admire a breathtaking 360° view. Continue through the woods to Arosio and then Bedano. From here you return through different characteristic historical villages.

3. Alpine sceneries at 2,310 m

From 200 to 2,310 metres of altitude. From Locarno to Cavergno to the Naret lake at the top of the Sambuco valley. 60 kilometres of which 27 on a cycle path and 33 on a paved road. A route through uncontaminated landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking dams.

4. Among the vineyards of Mendrisiotto

The region to be discovered, even on two wheels, it offers a flat route easy to travel. 30 kilometres along the river Laveggio and vineyards, this track is suitable for families as well as MTB lovers.

5. Panoramic tour on two wheels at Monte Bar

A wonderful viewpoint and an alpine hut with bike Friendly services. The Motto della Croce, reachable after 600 meters of altitude difference from Bidogno and Monte Bar alpine hut. The track of the Monte Bar runs on a road that is both paved and unpaved.

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