5 hikes in the shade of the forest

The great summer heat becomes more tolerable in the shade of a tree. That's why this place at the beach is always the first to be occupied. Fortunately, there are not only 4,000 km of hiking trails in Ticino, but more than 90 of them lead through the forest reserves. Unspoiled and natural. It is scientifically proven that the respiratory system, the cardiovascular and our immune system benefit from the forest thanks to the armoatic fragrances that the trees release. Let’s embrace a tree, in these 5 woods there is no lack of shade: 

1. Where the Daniello mill acts as an air conditioner

From Novazzano a path makes its way down into the Motta Valley. A tranquil agricultural landscape along the route of the Roncaglia stream. The first thing you will come to is the Mulino Daniello, a mill at the heart of all the park’s educational activities. 

2. Dolomites? Noooo, Denti della Vecchia!

An easily recognisable peak, an alternation of pine and beech forests, meadows and pinnacles, a hut and a lot of panorama. Sometimes you might see the turning flight pattern of the raven and the dives of the peregrine falcon.

3. The shadow of the Swiss pine is always a little cooler

The only large Swiss pine wood in Ticino invites you to walk slowly, listen to the deer and let your imagination run free. Some of these stocky pines are more than 300 years old.

4. When majesty becomes wisdom

There are several traces left by human activity over the centuries in the Lodano forest: greenhouses, charcoal burners squares and rope transports. These and a wide view of the majestic Maggia river landscape can be found in a valley where the beech forest has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. A woodland symphony

A forest for nature lovers, for those who know how to grasp the deep creativity of the forest. The more you look, the more you see. Woodpeckers, the ruler, the little luì, the tawny owl and many other birds can be heard. The forest changes constantly, like a symphony: slow, cheerful, lively.

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