5 typical Ticino shops

The typical products of Ticino have always been much requested by restaurants, chefs and residents, but also by those who are fascinated by our canton. The pepper from the Maggia valley, the Zincarlin from the Muggio valley, the polenta and so on and so forth. But where to find them? Region you go, shop you find. Discover the 5 shop windows of Ticino... some of them also online! Then hand over your purse and let yourself be guided by the fragrant aroma of Ticino.

1. The giant of delicacies

Easily accessible and open every day? Found it!  
In Cadenazzo is Gusto Ticino, the shop you are looking for if you want to buy a typical Ticino product in peace and quiet. From the most traditional perfumes to the most innovative creations, you will find everything.

2. The shop window of Ticino

Wine, beer, cheese and much more offers the Genuinity of Ascona. A real journey into the flavours of Ticino aimed at enhancing the small producers of the regions. And if you can't do it in person, don't worry, Genuinity also offers an online shop!

3. Flavours from the Maggia Valley

Unity is strength! Refined flavours of fresh products made in the alp and on the plain by farmers and craftsmen from the surrounding area. In the "Val Magìa" shop in Cevio, also a tourist information point, you can buy a basket of products to relive the ancient Grotti of the area. 

4. A hidden treasure

The offer of the "Magnifico Borgo" varies from the cheeses of the Muggio Valley, to honey from Monte, fresh fish from the lake and local drinks. In addition, for those who are doing the Grand Tour of Switzerland you can buy the Snack Box with regional proposals!

5. The shop of dreams

Products coming directly from local farmers, fishermen and craftsmen, tourist information point, bar and small cultural centre. The "Bottega di Gandria” is a place of meetings, flavours, stories and unforgettable moments, where buying local products at km 0 is a pleasure.

Gastronomic expressions and more

With the aim of enhancing the product, but also the producer and the territory itself, Ticino a te was born, a project of the Centro di Competenze Agroalimentari Ticino. Added to this are the Agriesperienze, activities in collaboration with specialised guides, aimed at promoting wine and other products from the Ticino territory.