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Bike sharing in Ticino

Discover a region by cycling even if your bike is not there. In Ticino this is possible thanks to the numerous shops that rent bicycles or the extensive bike sharing networks. From the Blenio Valley to Lugano, from Ascona to Bellinzona, riding is easy, whether for half an hour or for whole days. Discover this interesting offer and get ready to pedal.

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Bike sharing in Ticino

Ticino is divided by Monte Ceneri, the natural separation between the north and south of the Canton. The Ceneri base tunnel, in operation since 2021, shortens distances and brings the various areas of Ticino closer, but for those who ride it on a bike, the climb remains challenging. But don't worry: from Bellinzona to the Locarnese valleys, passing through Ascona and Tenero with its campsites, you can borrow a bike thanks to the extensive bike sharing service.  There is no shortage of bikes and mountain bikes in Valle di Blenio, electric or not. Going south, the Luganese and Mendrisiotto regions are also rich in stations where you can take and leave bicycles, with or without a season ticket. In the saddle!

Bike rental

Not only bike sharing but also bike and MTB rental: in Ticino there are plenty of places to rent a bike - electric or not - and set off on adventure.