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Image 1 - e-MTB rental in Ticino
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e-MTB rental in Ticino

Cycling is hugely popular in Ticino. Bicycles and e-mountain bike lovers will enjoy the vast amount of exploring possibilities among cities, hills and mountains. Thanks to Ticino’s peculiar morphological characteristics and its mild climate, you will have the possibility to undertake sport activities at fast pace and take a break in unspoiled places, in front of breathtaking views.

In recent years, e-mountain bikes have spread also in Ticino and they let a wider public enjoy bike rides on the mountains by adjusting the required physical effort. What was once open to few, nowadays can be appreciated by more people. Several companies offer the possibility to rent e-mountain bikes in Ticino. If interested, please contact one of the followings:

Lugano Region:

Lake Maggiore and Valleys:

Bellinzona and Upper Ticino: