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Publibike - Bike sharing Lugano

Known as the fastest, most economical means of transport in town, PubliBike gives you access with a single card to all bike sharing networks throughout Switzerland.

How does it work?
Publibike rents bikes from self-service stations open 24/7. With this service, you can rent a bike in one station and give it back in another, when you have reached your destination. For a day or a year, for one network or for all of Switzerland, several types of subscriptions are available.

12 stations, 119 bikes

  • Stadio
  • Campo Marzio, viale Castagnola
  • Fornaci
  • Contrada di Verla
  • Paradiso Centro
  • LAC - Giardini Belvedere
  • Università della Svizzera Italiana
  • Via Ciani
  • Stazione mobile, at the moment situated in via Trevano 55, opening times: 8:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:30
  • Melide 
  • Tesserete
  • Morcote 

Subscriptions and daily card

Customers can purchase an annual membership card (for the whole of Switzerland or for one or several regional networks) via our online shop or buy a DayPass from a salespoint. Members enjoy simplified access and reduced hourly rates (including half an hour’s free bike rental for any type of bike).

  • RegioBike, valid for one year on one network
    CHF 25.--*         
    The first 30 minutes are free, after CHF 2 -. per hour
  • SwissBike, valid for one year on all networks CHF 60.--*
    The first 30 minutes are free, after CHF 2 -. per hour
  • DayBike, valid for 24 hours on one network
    CHF 10.--

* + CHF 10.-- taxes

Maximum price per day (max. rental time 24 hours) CHF 20.--
Overnight price (11 p.m. - 7 a.m.) CHF 0.50.--

Where to get a daily card in Lugano
Foce, via Foce 1 - Lugano
Sportello Molino Nuovo, via Trevano 53 - Lugano
Ente turistico del Luganese, Riva Albertolli - Lugano
Puntocittà, via della Posta 8 - Lugano
Cancelleria comunale di Capriasca, Piazza G. Motta - Tesserete
Hotel Ristorante Stazione Tesserete, VIa Canonica - Tesserete
Cancelleria comunale di Melide, Via Franscini 6 - Melide
Swissminiatur Melide
Cancelleria comunale di Morcote, Riva da Sant'Antoni, Morcote

Special offers
Advantages for Lugano Card and City Card holders: 20% discount on RegioBike Lugano.