5 sustainable stories

Welcome to the green heart of Switzerland: Ticino. Here, commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of everyday life, from the shores of Lake Maggiore to the peaks of the Alpine mountains. Through a variety of innovative initiatives, Ticino is at the forefront in promoting environmental conservation, organic farming and responsible tourism by enhancing and conserving the territory and local resources. A trip through Ticino not only offers breathtaking natural beauty, but also an immersive experience in sustainability that enhances this unique region. Here you will find a selection of 5 engaging and sustainable experiences and activities.

1. Olivone Alpine School: the biodiversity of the Blenio Valley

In the picturesque Blenio Valley, the Alpine School in Olivone offers unique nature experiences for all ages. Astronomy, geology, botany and medicinal herbs are just some of the topics addressed through workshops and field trips where seasonality and what nature provides are the basis for the experience. Participants also have the opportunity to create products using local natural resources. 

2. Albergo Diffuso Corippo: the legacy of predecessors revalued

In the fairytale village of Corippo in the Verzasca Valley, there is a diffused hotel that stands out for its architectural uniqueness. This corner of paradise has been brought back to life, enhancing the ancient dwellings and the historical heritage of the village by preserving the architectural features typical of the Ticino, maintaining the integrity of the landscape and harmony with the surrounding environment. Ideal for those who wish to stay in a revived environment of the past. 

3. On the slope without borders: where limits are just a vision 

In the Ticino region, in addition to the numerous sports activities available, there is also the possibility for people with motor difficulties to experience adrenalin-pumping moments during both the winter and summer seasons, practising alpine skiing, skating and mountain bike trails, all in total safety.

4. Bigatt Hotel & Restaurant: sustainability in hospitality

Enjoy a unique atmosphere amidst the verdant hills of the Lugano area and delight your palate at the restaurant, where authentic flavours are enhanced by the use of zero-kilometre garden produce. A combination of aspects to give you a peaceful and regenerating experience.

5. Erbe Ticino: medicinal plants to protect local sustainability

Enjoy a typical drink made from wild herbs cultivated in Ticino. The Erbe Ticino initiative has succeeded in activating a network of local producers and promoting the cultivation of native herbs. The further commercialisation of these local medicinal plants is a concrete and sustainable idea. 

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