Zero-impact activities

What is meant by "zero impact"? It refers to activities that have zero or very low environmental impact. Specifically, it means that they do not alter the CO2, methane or other polluting gases balance of the environmental system in which they are carried out.

Be the energy you want to attract

Gems of natural beauty for moments of natural wellbeing and harmony for mind and body.

Go with the flow

Ticino is home to a wide variety of natural pools of green and turquoise waters. Refreshing and in the midst of nature, they are the perfect place to regenerate yourself safely.

White winter can be green too

Soft snow softens the impacts of your passage.

Challenge yourself

If you want to test your limits, Ticino and its trail running itineraries are for you.

MTB all year around

Ticino, 4 seasons to ride.