Podcast "Itineraries to Listen To"

Itineraries to Listen To

“Itineraries to Listen To” is a service developed by Ticino Turismo, in collaboration with the four regional tourist organisations, which proposes a new way of discovering Canton Ticino consisting of a series of captivating, guided audio-journeys. A narrator will take you through some of the most representative places in the area, inviting you to enjoy the many wonderful things you can listen to, smell, touch and indeed taste along the way - transforming a simple walk into a complete, engaging, and accessible sensory experience.

The fortress of Bellinzona and its Castles

A journey to discover the imposing fortification which served as a shield against the movement of Confederates coming from the North and headed South. Since 2000 the fortress and its castles, the bulwarks and the city wall have been registered as UNESCO world heritage sites and it happens to be one of the most majestic examples in Europa of a medieval defensive structure still intact and visible in Europe.

Circuit Dongio-Satro

An itinerary lapped by the cool waters of river Brenno and surrounded by lush woodland, suitable for wheelchair users and accompanied visually impaired persons. This circuit signposted without barriers snakes across 7.5-kilometre of flat land and has some gently uphill stretches; it crosses points of interest such as the church of San Remigio and the old, now disused, thermal baths of Acquarossa.

The lakeside of Ascona

From Piazza Giuseppe Motta, a picturesque urban drawing room-like area overseeing the water, to the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, a 16th century palace where paintings by illustrious artists are exhibited, Ascona offers culture experiences, lakeside landscapes and wide green spaces. The route is suitable for wheelchair users and accompanied visually impaired persons.


The Vallemaggia is crowned by mountain ridges on whose slopes alternate thick woods, meadows, crystalline lakes, and spectacular waterfalls.  The proposed route is flat, accessible to accompanied visually impaired persons and wheelchair users, and starts and ends in Maggia, passing through the villages of Lodano and Moghegno.

Lugano, a city with a Mediterranean charm

An itinerary to discover Lugano, Ticino's largest city, from Piazza Cioccaro, through the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the LAC, to Parco Ciani. The route is suitable for wheelchair users and accompanied visually impaired persons.

Sensations in Capriasca

The hilly region of Capriasca is covered by woods and pastures, and beautiful tracks wind their way in between them. Among these, “Sensazioni in Capriasca”, allows you to immerse yourself completely in the perfumes and sounds of nature. It is composed of 9 stops which offer diverse sensorial experiences. The route is suitable for wheelchair users and accompanied visually impaired persons.

Tour around the Muggio Valley

The Muggio Valley, which stretches at the foot of Mount Generoso and Mount Bisbino, boasts one of the most authentic landscapes in Ticino, where there is still tangible evidence of the territory’s agricultural traditions. It truly is an amazing open-air museum of rural culture.

Across the park of the Breggia Gorges

The Breggia Gorge Park hides a true geological treasure: 4 km of nature trail where you can let yourself be carried away by the sound of birds and wind moving between the foliage. The itinerary is suitable for the accompanied visually impaired.

"Itineraries to Listen to" was realised within the framework of the Interreg Italy-Switzerland DESy project, 'Digital Destination Evolution System'.


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