5 cellars with fascinating architecture

A fusion of functionality and artistic elements has given rise to geometric plays and monuments of singular beauty. All framed, more often than not, by fascinating nature. More than 100 years of passion, fragrant vineyards and excellent quality. Functional and practical cellars with a scenic architecture accommodate the most prestigious Ticino wines.

1. The harmony of wine

At 425 metres above sea level stands the Moncucchetto farm. Harmony between architecture and landscape, designed by Mario Botta in 2004. A wine worthy of being served in a cellar with spectacular architecture.

2. An underground cellar

8 metres underground and 2 metres of gravel above the vaults, this is the perfect recipe for ageing in barriques. The Vini e Distillati Delea wine cellar in Losone with its wonderful arches was carefully constructed to ensure a temperature suitable for the wine's maturation.

3. Bottled works

6 hectares between Rovio, Pugerna and Ligornetto. Approximately 35,000 bottles each year divided into 12 different labels. Built by a Ticino architect, the structure, similar to a modern castle, blends elegantly into the surrounding landscape.

4. Medieval charm

In the vineyards there is a stone farmhouse that has been renovated to a technological wine cellar and still retains its oldest architectural features. All this is accompanied by a castle of Visconti origin dating back to the 15th century.

5. A innovative winery

Thousands of bricks cover the façade of the "La Prella" winery in Genestrerio designed by architect Dong Joon Lee. A small jewel with a view of Monte San Giorgio born from the passion for experimentation and innovation.