5 mills of yesteryear

There used to be around 100 mills in Ticino. With the advent of electricity they lost importance and many were destroyed by floods. Nevertheless, around 30 have been preserved intact, some of which are still in operation. Here are 5 of these historical witnesses to visit: enjoy your trip back in time!

1. Bruzella Mill

The historic Bruzella Mill in the stunning Muggio Valley, which thanks to the passion of miller Irene has been in operation since 1996, is more than just a photo op or an educational visit. It also grinds rare red corn into delicious polenta flour all year round. 

2. Mills of Vergeletto and Loco

The Vergeletto and Loco mills are living proof of the milling activity in the Onsernone Valley. And it is in Vergeletto that the old mill produces the traditional Farina Bona made from roasted corn.

3. The mill and the grinder of Precassino

Close to the last drop of the Robasacco brook there is a special mill, which in addition to the grinding mill, is one of the few equipped with a hydraulically operated press. For hiking enthusiasts, the mill is also one of the main points of interest on the La Via del Ceneri themed trail.

4. Ghitello's mill

The Ghitello's mill is located at the entrance to the Breggia Gorge Park in a striking building dating from the end of the 16th century.  And inside there is also La Corte del vino Ticino with a typically local food and wine offer.

5. Malcantone forge

Did you know that the Malcantone forge, also known as the Maglio d'Aranno, is the only lever mallet currently in existence in Switzerland? This rare piece of evidence can be found on the Sentiero delle Meraviglie (Path of Wonders) trail and is well worth a visit! 

Other recommended mills