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A journey through the wonders of the Malcantone

  • 21 July – 14.30
  • 28°
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  • Nostalgic

It happens to all parents: looking at your children, you begin to think about your own childhood and to feel a little wistful. There are some places where such thoughts spring to life like a flashback and they make you feel like a child again. And we've found one of those places for you.

Nothing like a run and jump into a pond for a sense of total freedom! Before your little daughter's astonished gaze, you feel happy and carefree, like when you were a kid. The forge called Maglio del Malcantone, one of the wonders of this region, is a truly special place, where you will come face to face with the child that is still within you. 

You need just to look around you to realise how many emotions little ones can feel. But you too can experience them! Nature has a lot to offer: there is no lack of things with which you can build a raft together or opportunities for family photos to add to the album with your most precious memories. Just a few steps away from the pond, you can visit the last trip hammer still operational in Ticino. Ask the caretaker and he will be glad to show you how it works. The rhythmic sound of the hammer beating on the anvil is truly magical.

Miglieglia, pond of the Magliasian river

Miglieglia, pond of the Magliasian river

Entrance of the forge

Entrance of the forge

Inside the building housing the trip hammer, you will sense a history-laden atmosphere. Here you can still find pieces of semi-worked iron and your children will be enchanted by the huge blades of the rotating mill. 

And to round off this carefree day spent with your family, don't miss the treat of the creamiest ice cream in the Malcantone. Just ask for Gelateria Titi, and any local will tell you how to get there! 

Susanne Bigler Gloor,  - trekking with animals
Susanne Bigler Gloor, trekking with animals
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Departure from Novaggio 


On the Trail of Marvels


Lunch at the picnic area

13.00 - 15.00

Swim in the pond


Ice cream break at the village

What to put in your backpack

For a perfect day, you'll need a blanket, a few comics, a hat and sunglasses. And don't forget your guitar. Everything else will be offered free of charge by nature.



Museum opening time: April - October, from Tuesday till Sunday (during July opened on Monday as well). Closed during rainy days.