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The Dandrio Mill

Dandrio is located at 1220 m, and is one of the five splendid villas of the Malvaglia Valley, the latter being included in the inventory of landscapes and natural monuments of national importance. The scenery that will present itself to you once you arrive in this village is spectacular: Dandrio (1220 m) has a wonderful waterfall (the Fürbeda) beside an amphitheatre that encloses the ancient settlement. There are various places of interest in the centre, such as the church dedicated to San Giovanni, the old school now used as an alpine restaurant, two mills, a bakery and about eighty buildings. Until about 1960, there was a room with a hemp weaving loom, which was destroyed by fire. A considerable number of families lived in Malvaglia Valley in the past: in 1850 there were about 1400 inhabitants.

The Dandrio Mill is a protected monument dating back to 1500, rare for its larch wood mechanism with vertical shaft. It was perfectly restored in 1977 and has been well preserved ever since. It is the protagonist, on the second Sunday in July, of the Sagra, a festival in its honour, on the occasion of which it is put into operation for grinding of rye.